MineSec CPoC SoftPOS White-label Solution

Mobile software security is always the most challenging part in a mobile payment system. MineSec understands  the challenges that our customers will be facing. Our White-label CPoC SoftPOS solution helps our customers get rid of the challenges

“A clever person solves a problem. A wise person avoids it.”  - Albert Einstein

Our solution



Developed based on PCI CPoc Requirements

Enable device's NFC for contactless payment acceptance

Initial encryption of account data

Attestation health-check on device and SoftPOS app

Support Visa and MasterCard transactions

Provide API for integration development


Attestation and Monitoring Server

PCI DSS Compliant

Process attestation health-check data from SoftPOS app

Enforces pre-established security policies on the SoftPOS

Monitor and Mitigate threats and attacks against the SoftPOS app

7 x 24 service level commitment


MineSec CPoC SoftPOS White-label Solution fulfills what you need for your SoftPOS implementation 

Comply with the PCI security requirements 

Fulfill functional requirements for different card schemes

API for L3 Application development and integration


MineSec CPoC SoftPOS solution is designed and developed based on the latest PCI Contactless Payment on COTS (CPoC) standards.

PCI CPoC standards provide an alternative acceptance solution to contactless EMV® markets by enabling a secure software application on a merchant’s Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) device to capture and process account data read by the native and embedded NFC capabilities. CPoC enables a cardholder to pay with a contactless-enable card or device (e.g wearable, phone, tablet) at a merchant using a COTS device and associated CPoC application for authorization of contactless chip-based card payment transactions.

To secure account data, the solution relies on a combination of mechanisms and securely controls including, but not limited to, application software hardening and monitoring, and attestation of the entire process.

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