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Jumpstart Your Innovation. 
We Make SoftPOS Simple.

MineSec helps our customers jumpstart their own SoftPOS solution development with our end-to-end white-label payment solutions.

MineSec white-label SoftPOS solutions adhere to the highest international security and compliance standards, are simple to use, and versatile to keep up with our customers' evolving needs for the future. 

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Our Solutions

Closeup of SoftPOS payment transaction on a mobile phone with a contactless credit card

White-Label SoftPOS

Get a headstart on developing your own SoftPOS solution with MineSec White-Label SoftPOS Technology.

Comprising the MineHades SoftPOS SDK and the MineZeus Attestation & Monitoring Server, minimize the typical bottlenecks seen in new product development with our intuitive solution that integrates seamlessly.

SoftPOS app screenshots on a mobile phone

White-Label SoftPOS

Cut through the lengthy product development and certification process with MineSec White-Label SoftPOS Suite.


Comprising a ready-to-go SoftPOS application that is customizable to your brand, and the MineSec backend systems, expand your offerings and meet the needs of your merchant network at a fraction of the time and effort.

How do Merchants accept SoftPOS payments?

Download your free demo app to experience the MineSec SoftPOS payment.

Demo is only available for download on Google Playstore for Android device users. Terms and conditions apply.

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