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MineSec SoftPOS Solution leading the way to a new contactless payment experience.

Accepting contactless payments can be easily done on smart phones with SoftPOS. 

Jumpstart your very own SoftPOS solution development with MineSec's end-to-end white-label payment solutions. Whether you are looking for an SDK to ease the challenges of development, or a ready-to-go SoftPOS app, you will find it here. 

How do Merchants accept SoftPOS payments?

Download your free demo app to experience the MineSec SoftPOS payment.

Demo is only available for download on Google Playstore for Android device users. Terms and conditions apply.

Cover of the PCI MPoC Standard - All the Key Highlights whitepaper


PCI MPoC Standard - All the Key Highlights

In this whitepaper, we study the key changes introduced to SoftPOS solution development and the new PCI MPoC security standard's requirements on certification. 

  • Key differences in requirements between ToP/TTP pilot initiatives, PCI CPoC and the new PCI MPoC standard.

  • Notable changes to the development, deployment and maintenance of SoftPOS solutions.

  • Impacts of the requirements on SoftPOS solution and service providers.

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