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MineSec selected for Qatar FinTech Hub's Wave 5 Accelerator Program

The Qatar FinTech Hub, known for its commitment to nurturing innovative fintech ventures, has selected MineSec among several promising candidates for Wave 5 of their accelerator program, recognizing MineSec's potential to disrupt and revolutionize the financial industry.

MineSec selected for Qatar Fintech Hub's Wave 5

The Wave 5 announcement was made by the Qatar FinTech Hub, reaffirming its dedication to supporting and promoting the growth of fintech companies in the region. With a strong focus on innovation, collaboration, and mentorship, the accelerator program provides a unique opportunity for fintech organisations like MineSec to access valuable resources, industry expertise, and networking possibilities.

As part of Wave 5, MineSec will gain access to a comprehensive support system tailored to boost their growth and success. The program will offer MineSec access to a wide array of benefits, including specialized workshops, and mentorship from seasoned industry professionals. Additionally, MineSec will have the chance to engage with potential investors, clients, and partners, thus propelling their business to new heights.

MineSec is set to utilize its white-label SoftPOS solutions to address the most pressing challenges for PSPs serving small- and medium-businesses, leveraging cutting-edge technologies to enhance security and efficiency in payment transactions. Their unique approach has already captured the attention of industry experts, making them a worthy addition to the QFTH accelerator program.

The Qatar FinTech Hub's Wave 5 accelerator program promises an unparalleled platform to showcase MineSec's talents and potential. "MineSec is deeply honored and excited to embark on this journey with the Qatar FinTech Hub," says Angus Chiu, CEO of MineSec. "We are committed to making the most out of this invaluable opportunity to make a lasting impact in the fintech and payments space."

For more information on Wave 5 of the Qatar FinTech Hub's accelerator program, please visit the official website.


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