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Know Your Customer和MineSec强强联手,提升支付平台安全性

Know Your Customer是一家领先的RegTech监管科技提供商,专门为金融科技公司和金融机构提供下一代数字化客户onboarding和Know Your Business (KYB) 自动化解决方案。Know Your Customer与白标SoftPOS解决方案提供商MineSec建立合作,以增强MineSec SoftPOS方案的客户onboarding体验。

Logos of MineSec and Know Your Customer

此次合作将使MineSec及其客户利用Know Your Customer的创新模块化合规技术来实时验证入驻商家,获取准确的公司档案,即时识别其所有权结构及ultimate beneficial owners (UBO)最终受益人信息。

通过与Know Your Customer合作,MineSec可以为其客户提供更强大、更可靠的解决方案,为平台上所有用户维护一个安全可靠的生态系统。

MineSec首席产品官Damien Chow表示:“我们很高兴与Know Your Customer合作,增强MineSec SoftPOS解决方案的安全性和合规性能力。”“通过将他们的技术集成到我们的SoftPOS应用程序中,我们的客户可以简化入驻流程、减少欺诈并最大限度地降低风险,同时确保我们遵守最新法规。我们相信此次合作对于我们和我们的客户来说是一场革新,我们的客户将获得最高级别的反洗钱安全性,而无需牺牲流畅的使用体验。”

Damien Chow of MineSec and Billy Ho of Know Your Customer.
(左) Damien Chow of MineSec 和 (右) Billy Ho of Know Your Customer


“我们很高兴与MineSec合作,支持他们创新的支付愿景。”Know Your Customer的首席执行官Claus Christensen说道。 “他们的技术方案正在弥合数字世界和实体世界商户需求之间的差距,同时符合金融科技行业不断增长的合规要求。凭借双方综合全面的专业能力,我们可以使在非接支付更加安全和易用。”

About MineSec

MineSec helps its customers to drive innovations in secure and seamless contactless payment solutions globally. Their highly experienced and knowledgeable team offers extensive local market and industry expertise to help simplify the complexities of innovation and accelerate time to market. The white-label SoftPOS solution from MineSec provides ease of integration and customization for various business needs, allowing customers to scale confidently and competitively to meet every market's unique evolving needs.

About Know Your Customer

Know Your Customer is an award-winning RegTech company specialised in next generation digital onboarding solutions for financial institutions and regulated organisations worldwide.

For teams that are struggling with inefficient corporate onboarding processes, Know Your Customer provides a modular compliance solution that combines the most intuitive digital workspace on the market with unmatched real-time registry data, seamless integrations, and smart automation to transform the essence of the compliance function at its core. The products’ modular design enables efficient customisation, as clients can select and implement only the functionalities they really need, all available via Rest API. For more information visit or follow Know Your Customer on LinkedIn or Twitter.


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