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Asia-based PSP taps MineSec to successfully obtain PCI CPoC certification for SoftPOS solution.

1 March 2022 | The MineSec Team

MineSec announced that a payment service provider in Asia achieved PCI Contactless Payments on COTS (CPoC) certification for its software-based point-of-sale (SoftPOS) payment solution using MineSec SoftPOS Software Development Kit (SDK) and Attestation & Monitoring (A&M) Server.

As demand for contactless payment increases, the SoftPOS gives merchants and consumers peace of mind that the solution is developed and lab-tested to protect cardholder data from security threats. PCI CPoC is a global security standard for contactless payments accepting the consumer’s credit cards on a merchant’s commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) device.

According to the Mastercard New Payments Index, contactless payments increased by more than 1 billion transactions in the first quarter of 2021 compared to 2020. However, 85% of consumers in the Asia Pacific expect merchants to offer secure payment options. Merchants can improve the payment experience by offering consumers convenient and secure contactless transactions on this provider’s SoftPOS app. The SoftPOS app is available on Google Play Store and operates on a Near-Field Communication (NFC)-enabled Android phone for card payment processing, making it convenient for use without additional hardware.

MineSec SoftPOS solution includes the cloud-based A&M server that checks the security exposure of mobile devices and the SoftPOS payment application. This health check allows the payment service provider to validate the transactions and provide a more secure payment experience to consumers.

“The provider’s SoftPOS PCI CPoC certification demonstrates that MineSec SoftPOS solution complies with the exact standard requirements, including for the A&M server. As a SoftPOS technology provider, we extend all necessary support to our customers so that they can confidently offer secure SoftPOS contactless payments on the platform,” said Angus Chiu, Chief Commercial Officer and Director of MineSec.

MineSec helps their customers to drive innovations in secure and seamless contactless payment solution globally. Their highly experienced and knowledgeable team offers extensive local market and industry expertise to help simplify the complexities of innovation and accelerate time to market. The white-label SoftPOS solution from MineSec provides ease of integration and customisation for various business needs, allowing customers to scale confidently and competitively to meet every market's unique evolving needs.


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